From the Bahamas to Japan (via Essex)

Jezzer Checks Chocs

Hello friends. Today I shall be bringing you a variety of chocolate bars from around the globe. And Essex. This will truly be the United Nations of chocolate reviews!

1. Iron Brew Bar

My friend Boo Boo Bear Green helps a local animal rescue charity by selling homeless teddy bears to be re-homed. And this is how M.C. Bear (aka Big Mac) came to live with us.


And best of all, Big Mac came to my home bearing lots of presents and sweeties!! Most intriguing of these was a bar of chocolate labelled Curiously Wicked “Iron Brew Bar” from Northumberland. This was white chocolate made from minimum 20% cocoa solids and a very strong taste of Iron-Bru (Scotland’s soft drink of choice). This was delicious and the Iron-Bru flavour worked surprisingly well with the white chocolate. Score: 5 paws out of 5

2. Maxwells “Apple Cinnamon Crumble”

Dragons love coffee & chocolate Dragons…

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Dinkers, Twecckles, eyeballs and “Super Mario”

Jezzer Checks Chocs

Hello friends! Welcome to a special edition of Jezzer Checks Chocs, released to coincide with Teddy Embassy Chocolate Night on twitter.

1. I’d like to start things off by telling you about my wonderful friend Dee H. Dodgson. Many of you will already know that she is the creator of a wonderful series of books about very special bears called Dinkers; and more recently magical tree dwelling creatures called Twecckles. Some of you will even have actual Dinkers and Twecckles living with you! I myself am lucky to live with two Twecckles- Chewba and Tookal.

hello! hello!

And I’m also very honoured to be part of the Twecckle books. You can find the series of Twecckle short stories available to download on Kindle here. And I highly recommend them.

On my birthday, knowing my love of chocolate (shocking news I know) lovely Dee and assistant Potter…

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Neglect is Just As Cruel.

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

Mom and I watched Dog Rescuers last night, and as it always does, it got me to thinking. That program always makes me sad at the things some humans do.

I am a happy hound, I have never been badly treated and I know that I am loved very much. Mom loves dogs and has almost always had one. Now of course, she has two. Me and Charlie.

We are looked after, fed and tagged and kept warm, we have toys and cuddles. Most importantly, we are her family, and are included in most family gatherings like Christmas.

But aside from the humans who are deliberately cruel to their pets, there seems to be a large number of people, who maybe don’t mean to be cruel, but neglect their animals as if they are not worth worrying about.

I just cannot understand why some humans go to the effort of…

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bit by bit more – beach hut part 2


hello hello, it’s aled again, fuzzy’s little brother *wave wave* i STILL haven’t got any sides to my beach hut…..or a front…..or a back come to that- just the doors, but i have got a few more things made.

the first thing we made was a sofa/day bed – it was made out of a small bookshelf which we put a back on and painted. then the human made a mattress with memory foam to go on it – it’s very comfy which is important, as it’s well known that bears need a lot of naps during the day. she also made a pull-out mattress for heinz.

beach hut sofasofa, so good

i’ve got a small rocking chair which was also painted – there’s been a LOT of painting going on – and the human crow shayed crotcheted a blanket/throw which i’m quite impressed with as she’s new to it and her…

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The Adventures of Ellie and Edmond


frog craft1

We’re having an art contest and we want you to enter! We’ve wanted to make and Ellie and Edmond calendar for the last couple of years, but have never actually done it. This is where we want you! We’re looking for your Ellie and Edmond art to make into a calendar for 2015! Here are the rules:

  • You can use any medium you like; paint, pastels, crayons, oils, fabric, etc… You just have to be able to scan in your final product.
  • All entries must be sent by Jpeg or PDF and must be emailed to us at
  • Contest is open to all ages.
  • All art must include us, you may use one of our pictures from the blog or Facebook or Twitter as your inspiration or you can come up with and original idea of us. Remember, we are conservationist…

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Jeremy’s best albums of 2014 (so far)- countdown

Jezzer Checks Chocs

5. Maxïmo Park- Too Much Information

Good old fashioned British indie rock and roll. My hoomin says he used to date a girl who lived in Brixton and loved Maxïmo Park. He dumped her because she smoked too much.

4 cigarette butts out of 5

4. Morrissey- World Peace Is None of Your Business

A very strong new album from Morrissey- great tunes, well produced, and he’s in fine voice too. Just when people thought his star was waning, he comes out punching. The boy’s done good.

Fact: he likes his tea very weak (click here).

4 quiffs out of 5

3. Wild Beasts- Present Tense

Beautiful melodies sang (mostly) in an almost ethereal falsetto voice. Deserves to sell by the bucketload (but probably won’t).

5 roars out of 5

2. Damon Albarn- Everyday Robots

If, like me, you thought Blur’s ballads were some of their best works…

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